Anomalies, the newest painting series is exploring the idea of irregular and bizarre hidden behind the beauty and seductiveness. At the first glance, series presents captivating flower like shapes which almost resemble carnivorous plants in their lavishing appearance. By closer look, it is clear that this peculiar flora is composed of various organic components resembling the hair, tissue and organs. Vibrantly playful in colors and forms with the elements of uncanny by deeper examination, these strange excrescences are simultaneously enchanting and repellent. By stepping out from geometry and allowing unpredictable formations to construct, Sopcic is exploring different approach to creating art in which mistake and accident are part of the process. Consistent with her previous work, Anomalies structures are frail and delicate, almost caught in the process of developing. By leaving them “unfinished”, in a moment when something is still missing, Sopcic is showing the beauty and ingrained strength that constitutes imperfection.