Any definition will only become a fiction

Any definition will only become fiction is a series of photography revolving around the pivotal relationship of our existence – that of us, humans, and nature. In our need to set boundaries, we are cutting the cords with who we are – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The truth is there are no clear-cut lines between us and nature. The beauty of our relationship is in the diversity of shapes, colours, and sounds in their seamless blend into unique and authentic patterns of life. Where one ends, the next regenerates. The blur of our interdependencies is the schema of our intricate synergy. The flowers are the colour and the womb of life. For this photography series, they were the womb of inspiration. Only if we look with intention can we see the inextricable mutual belonging and fill the crevices that we, humans, chisel between us and nature. Still, nature and time silently and inconspicuously fill them in. This is the kind of silence I am drawn to and to which I constantly return – to its aesthetics of subtle, simple, and modest beauty.  We cannot run away from who we truly are. Still, in our modern life focused on individuality, we feel we lose ourselves if we are seamlessly attached to one another and the web of life. However, through these close-up photos of flowers, I invite a different perspective on the world – the one provoked by longing for unity and simplicity. I see all-permeating abundance behind the sameness that we co-create from diversity. This project reflects my intention to challenge and portray the unfathomable mystery of this mesmerising interdependence.